Dr. Slick Fly Tying Bobbin Ceramic

Part Number: CBOB

4 3/4"

Fly tying bobbins are a critically important fly tying tool. They need to work smoothly and have an inner finish that won't cut your thread. The Ceramic Fly Tying Bobbins from Dr. Slick are very smooth working fly tying bobbins that won't cut your fly tying thread. The ceramic insert keeps your fly tying thread from wearing a groove in your bobbin. Whether you are doing saltwater fly tying or freshwater, this bobbin is a great choice. It is available in 3 different sizes to accommodate different hand sizes or different tying needs.

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  • Stainless Steel & Brass Finish
  • Dual Ceramic or Titanium Inserts
  • Delrin Feet

Sizes Available: 3", 4", 4.75"


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