Renzetti Fly Tying Vise Presentation 4000

Part Number: C4000

C-Clamp Left Hand
C-Clamp Right Hand
Standard Base Right Handed
Standard Base Left Handed
Saltwater Base Right Handed
Saltwater Base Left Handed
Deluxe Saltwater Base Right Handed
Deluxe Saltwater Base Left Handed

If your fly tying needs require a variety of fly tying hook styles and sizes, you'll find unmatched versatility in the Presentation 4000 fly tying vise. The 4000 has two rotary tension adjustments. You can use one adjustment to preset a desired level of tension for your basic fly tying needs. The second adjustment is used for adding tension or holding the rotary shaft in a particular desired position. To utilize the custom features of this fly tying vise it must be ordered for the right or left hand fly tier. Legendary fly tiers like Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh and Dave Whitlock choose Renzetti vises because of the quality found in their fly tying vises. The 4000 is available in either pedestal or c-clamp models. This fly tying vise will accommodate a variety of fly sizes from trout flies, steelhead flies and smallmouth bass flies to saltwater flies and pike flies in hook sizes from #28 to #4/0.

The Presentation 4000 is available with a number of different pedestal bases or in a saltwater C-Clamp. The bases that are available are the standard (black powder coated), saltwater (black powder coated) heavier than the standard base, hard-anodized deluxe saltwater base the heaviest base.

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