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Renzetti Hair Stacker Midge Double HT205

Renzetti Hair Stacker Midge Double HT205
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Product Number: HT205
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A hair stacker is used to align the tips of hair cut from a hide. The Double Midge hair stacker has aluminum base and 2 brass barrels. One brass barrel is 1" long with and inside diameter of 1/8" and the other brass barrel is 1 1/8" long with an inside diameter of just over 1/8". The brass barrels are smooth to allow the hair to slide easily when using fly tying materials like deer hair and elk hair. The midge size is perfect for smaller trout flies. Your Elk Hair Caddis and trout streamers will never look better. The aluminum base comes with a rubber pad to protect your table. This is the perfect size stacker for tying small hair wing dry flies, caddis wings and small panfish streamers and trout streamers.

If you need a larger double stacker look at the Renzetti Standard size.

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