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G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 Fly Rods

G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 Fly Rod for Sale
G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 Fly Rod for Sale
G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 Fly Rods
G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 Fly Rods Angle
G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 Fly Rod for Sale
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G. Loomis Asquith Fly Rod Models
FR1068-1 CC PRO-1 8wt 8'10" A
FR1069-1 CC PRO-1 9wt 8'10" A
FR10610-1 CC PRO-1 10wt 8'10" A
FR10612-1 CC PRO-1 12wt 8'10" A
FR10611-1 CC PRO-1 11wt 8'10" A
FR1067-1 CC PRO-1 7wt 8'10" A
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G.Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 fly rods are one piece fly fishing rods that are lighter and stronger than the 4 piece CrossCurrent Fiber Blend rods.  These 8'10" G.Loomis fly rods for sale feature the G. Loomis Fiber Blend system that creates powerful, durable and lightweight rods tailored to specific fishing environments.  The extra fast action allows for quick line pick up and powerful delivery to deal with large flies and wind. G.Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 fly rods boast high performance that excels in both fresh and saltwater fly fishing.  These made in the USA G.Loomis fly fishing rods for sale also boast an attractive price for a premium, high-performance fly fishing rod.

G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO-1 fly fishing rods all feature a full wells handle and a fighting butt.


G. Loomis aimed to boost performance, sensitivity and durability through blending different modulus materials.  This Fiber Blend system helped achieve dynamic actions that can be tailored to specific fishing environments and conditions.  G. Loomis CrossCurrent Fiber Blend fly rods are made by G.Loomis in the USA.

Custom mandrels are machined with multiple tapers that allows precisely defined actions to be created throughout a fly rod line. 

REC RECOIL guides are made from a special nickel titanium alloy that creates a guide that is extremely hard but flexible.  This alloy does not require any plating, cannot corrode in any environment and will return to its original shape after repeated deformations.

Find the perfect G. Loomis fly rod for your preferred fishing style.
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