GLoomis IMX-PRO Creek Fly Rod

Part Number: 128

2wt 7'9" 4 Piece
3wt 7'9" 4 Piece
4wt 7'9" 4 Piece

GLoomis IMX-PRO Creek Fly Rods

GLoomis IMX-PRO Creek fly rods are small stream tools designed to produce big rewards on small water.  The compact 7'9" length of these trout fly rods provides accuracy and loads rods quickly during short casts on small water.  The tip of the IMX-PRO Creek rods is stable and produces a moderate action that will load the rod at short distances and tracks true for critical accuracy when fishing small water.  The Conduit Core Tech of the IMX-PRO rods creates a light in hand feel in these short fly rods while also providing stability and durability to make sure your small creek fly fishing keeps you out of the bushes and catching more fish.


  • Conduit Core Technology
  • Chrome single-foot guides
  • Chrome stripper guides
  • Hook keeper
  • Custom half wells premium grade cork grip
  • Custom aluminum reel seat
  • Tube and cloth rod bag
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington USA

GLoomis Conduit Core Technology

GLoomis CONDUIT CORE technology powers the IMX-PRO family of fly fishing rods.  Traditionally, as the blank diameter of the rod increased the amount of material increased as well.  This means more (and heavier) material was needed in the lower section of the rod for durability and strength.  CONDUIT CORE technology now replaces those extra wraps of graphite with a new, proprietary material that is similar in strength and lighter in weight, creates better balance and boosts energy transfer throughout the rod.  Efficiency is improved and fishing fatigue is reduced, especially in heavy movement techniques like mending line, chugging poppers, stack mending and fishing big flies.  GLoomis IMX-PRO fly rods are made by GLoomis in the USA.

Model Line Length Action Pieces
IMX-PROc 279-4 2 7'9" Light Presentation 4
IMX-PROc 379-4 3  7'9" Light Presentation  4
IMX-PROc 479-4 4 7'9" Light Presentation 4

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