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GLoomis NRX+ Swim Fly Rod NEW

GLoomis NRX+ Swim Fly Fly Fishing Rod
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Product Number:NRXSF
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GLoomis NRX+ Swim Fly Rods

GLoomis NRX+ Swim Fly rods are designed for modern, multi-articulated streamer flies like Game Changers.  These revolutionary fly patterns for fly fishing bass, trout and even baby tarpon found holes in many current rod designs where repurposed rods like saltwater models were good but not good enough.  Lead by GLoomis Elite Ambassador and bass guru Mike Schultz, these GLoomis Swim Fly rods provide the power turn these articulated flies over while still providing the accuracy needed when chucking into obstacles like river bank trees as well as being able to more easily manipulate and animate the flies on retrieve.  The 8'8" length on these 7 and 8wt fly rods combined with Schultz's specs provides a super sweet spot of power, accuracy and fly retrieve control.

NRX+ Swim Fly rods load quickly, turn over multi-articulated flies and transmit every bump, slide and twitch to the fly for precise swimming action when stripping.

NRX+ Tech

The tech basis of the NRX+ fly rods is Dynamic Recovery Technology (DRT).  Powered by G.Loomis' new Mega Modulus+ graphite matrix and GL8 resin system, the new NRX+ fly rod is lighter than the original NRX, develops stable loops with less effort and provides the same strength and impact resistance but with less material.  G.Loomis utilizes these incredible materials through an improved version of their proprietary Multi-Taper Design technology.  These materials and techniques achieve crisp actions that have a smooth and rapid recovery.


  • Dynamic Recovery Technology
  • Recoil snake guides
  • Titanium SiC stripper guides
  • Full wells, AAA grade cork grip
  • Custom aluminum reel seat with fighting butt
  • Aluminum rod tube with cloth bag
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington USA
Model Line Length Action Pieces
NRX+ 788-4 7 8'8" Streamer 4
NRX+ 888-4 8 8'8" Streamer 4


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