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RIO LightLine Fly Line

RIO Light Line Box
RIO Light Line Box
RIO Light Line Coil
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RIO's LightLine fly lines are designed for slower action fly rods like bamboo, fiberglass and "classic" action graphite fly rods.  The plethora of fly line tapers and designs that are available today to match modern graphite fly rods can vary in how true-to-size their line weight rating is.  RIO LightLine fly lines are built to precisely match industry line weight standards.  Softer, classic rods will not be overloaded by the RIO LightLine.  A short front taper makes this line ideal for close distance fishing on small creeks and streams.  A soft, supple coating keeps the line relaxed and easy to work with in many fishing situations. A wonderful line for fly fishing trout and fly fishing panfish with softer fly rods.

The design of the line utilizes a more classic approach, but RIO did not skimp on modern technology.  MaxCast, MaxFloat and AgentX Technology will keep this line floating higher, staying cleaner and lasting longer. 

Available in both weight forward (WF) and double taper (DT) line options.

2-3wt: 70ft
4-6wt: 80ft

RIO's award winning LightLine - designed for slower action fly rods & small creeks from RIO Products on Vimeo.

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