RIO Premier Technical Trout Fly Line



Premier RIO Technical Trout Fly Fishing Line

The new Premier series RIO Technical Trout fly line is the ultimate fly line for delicate presentation with small flies to feeding trout at a distance.  The long front taper on the RIO Premier Technical Trout fly line provides delicacy and presentation to keep spooky, feeding trout from scaring, and the extended head and back taper help increase loop control when carrying longer lengths of fly line.  Made with the incredibly slick and durable RIO SlickCast coating, this RIO Technical Trout line is the right tool for fly fishing technical trout.

RIO Premier Technical Trout fly lines are available in both a weight forward (WF) design and a double taper (DT) design.

Size Head Length Overall Length
WF3F 45ft / 13.7m 80ft / 24m
WF4F 49ft / 14.9m 90ft / 27.4m
WF5F 52ft / 15.8m 90ft / 27.4m
WF6F 54ft / 16.5m 90ft / 27.4m
DT3F 80ft / 24m  80ft / 24m
DT4F 80ft / 24m   80ft / 24m
DT5F  90ft / 27.4m 90ft / 27.4m 
DT6F  90ft / 27.4m 90ft / 27.4m 


MaxFloat Tip


DualTone - triple color marking system improves casting accuracy by quickly gauging line distance at a glance.
EasyID - an obvious color change in the line where the "sweet spot" for casting is.
Front Loop - clean and neat, bulletproof loop for quickly adding/removing leaders.
Back Loop - clean and neat, bulletproof loop for quickly changing fly lines when needed.


RIO calls their new SlickCast the slickest, most durable coating on the fly line market - the least amount of friction ever measure on a fly line.  Tested against other top tier fly line technologies, RIO SlickCast produced some seriously impressive results.  The incredible amount of slickness found in these RIO fly lines allows for greater distance on casts and feeding slack on drifts - this means more effective and efficient trout fly fishing. 

The more durable a fly line coating is the longer it will last before cracking and RIO SlickCast fly lines have tested against other technologies as lasting 33% longer before cracking - more fishing time and more time in between spending money on new fly lines.

As fly lines get fished, they constantly rub against and through rod guides which will gradually wear the surface coating off - new RIO SlickCast coated fly lines tested well past the next technology in tested cycles before abrasion occurred.  140% more in fact - seriously tough fly lines.


Most floating fly lines have a reduced coating at the narrow, tapered end of the lines which results in reduced buoyancy and sinking tips.  RIO MaxFloat Tip technology allows for maximum floatation with no increase in diameter.  Reduced drag, longer presentation and quieter pickups.

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