RIO Mainstream Trout Fly Line


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WF8F - Lemon Green

RIO Mainstream Trout fly lines are an excellent choice as an inexpensive trout and panfish fly line or a fly line for novice fly fishing anglers.  This trout fly line is slightly heavier than standard lines to help easily load fly rods.  RIO Mainstream Trout fly lines feature a supple core with a slick coldwater coating.

RIO’s Mainstream series of fly lines are designed for the overall needs of novice to average fly fishers at a very accessible price.  Slightly heavier and shorter heads help load rods easier than standard lines.  All of the Mainstream lines are made in Idaho with the same quality standards and production processes as all other RIO fly lines. Excellent value for a variety of fly fishing situations.

I haven’t been able to get out yet. Got my gear ready. Made a few casts in the back yard to check it out. Seems to be ok. As an ‘official oldster’, 81 years, my reflexes are not what they used to be but I could still put the fly where I wanted it. I fish the Mississippi River, which is in Spring Flood Mode. It will be some time before I can chase Mr. LMBass and Mr. Blue Gill, my favorite, locally at least, species. There is very limited availability of fly fishing gear locally. 98% of my purchased are over the ‘net’. We had a rough start on my first order, partially my fault but since the service you provide is excellent. I hope too be a ‘return customer’.
- Tom Dasso

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