RIO Elite Indicator Fly Line

Part Number: ELITEINDI


RIO Elite Indicator Fly Fishing Line

RIO Elite Indicator fly lines are specifically built for long casts and lengthy dead drifts while fly fishing with an indicator rig in rivers.  Excellent for both fly anglers wading or fishing from an anchored boat, the taper on these lines allows for long casts up stream with mendability and control throughout the entire drift past you and below.  Made heavier than AFFTA standards to help turnover indicators, flies and shot when fishing indicator rigs.

  • Perfect for wade fishing or anchored boat
  • Turns over big indicators and heavy flies
  • Low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in casting control, performance and smoothness
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast technology
  • EasyID on front taper for fast line recognition

Line SizeLine ColorSink Rate30' Head WeightHead LengthTotal Length
WF5F White/Red/Grey Float 185gr (12.0gm) 50ft (15.2m) 90ft (27.4m)
WF6F White/Red/Grey Float 210gr (13.6gm) 52ft (15.9m) 90ft (27.4m)
WF7F White/Red/Grey Float 235gr (15.2gm) 54ft (16.5m) 100ft (30.5m)
WF8F White/Red/Grey Float 270gr (17.5gm) 56ft (17.1m) 100ft (30.5m)

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