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RIO InTouch 15ft Type 6 Sink Tip Fly Line

RIO InTouch Sink Tip
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Product Number: LINE-TYPE6
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Floating running line with a 15ft, 6 inch per second sinking tip fly line that features RIO ConnectCore ultra low stretch core for better sensitivity and increased hook up strength.  Density Compensated (DC) 15 ft Sinking Tip Fly Lines are the sink tip line of choice for nymph and streamer fishing. The lines are designed with a balanced length of thick floating body to eliminate the "hinge" or kick during the casting stroke. Density compensation stops the problem of sinking tips from sinking in a curve; the tip sinks at the same speed as the body to get the fly down for more strikes and better strike detection.  This fly line will find appropriate situations when you're on the water chasing steelhead on the fly or fly fishing for silver salmon and char. With Density Compensation keeping your fly line in a straight line you will be able to detect more strikes when fly fishing for trout in lakes, chasing deeper large and smallmouth bass on the fly, or stripping big streamers across weed tops and rock shelves in your pursuit of pike and musky on the fly.  Perfect line for when you don't quite need a full 24 ft. sink tip; one of our favorites in the fly shop that we use extensively when fly fishing in the Midwest and beyond.


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