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Eyes, Beads, Cones & Rattles for Sale Online

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Hareline Lead Eyes Black HELB $2.10
Lead Dumbell Eyes
Hareline Lead Eyes Plain HLE $2.10
Lead Eyes Plated
Hareline Lead Eyes Plated HLEP $2.10
fly tying Mono Eyes
Hareline Mono Nymph Eyes HME $2.35
Hareline Nymph Eyes Large
Hareline Mono Nymph Eyes Large HMNEL $2.25
Hareline Real Fake Jungle Cock Eyes HRFJ $8.55
Hareline Tyers Glass Fly Tying Beads #12 & Larger
Hareline Tyers Glass Fly Tying Beads #12 & Larger HTBL $1.85
Hareline Tyers Glass Fly Tying Beads #18 - #24
Hareline Tyers Glass Fly Tying Beads #18 - #24 HTBS $1.95
Lead Dumbbell Painted Eyes
Lead Eyes Painted HLEPA $2.95
Ribbed Tungsten Scud Shrimp Bodies
Ribbed Tungsten Scud/Shrimp Bodies $4.95
Senyodelic Bead Chain
Senyodelic Bead Chain SBC $2.50
Solid Plastic Eyes
Solid Plastic Eyes WSPE $3.15
Spawn Super Tungsten Slotted Beads 1/4" 3mm
Spawn Super Tungsten Slotted Beads 1/4" 6.3mm NEW SPS $5.95
Stonfo Soft Heads
Stonfo Soft Heads STSH $6.10
Sunken Barbell Brass Eyes
Sunken Barbell Brass Eyes SBBE $4.60
Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes SSDE $3.50

The Fly Fishers have a wide variety of eyes, beads, coneheads and rattles for all of your fly tying material needs. Whether you need adhesive eyes for your saltwater or large muskie flies or doll eyes for your bass flies we have them. Warmwater flies tend to require a variety of eyes and so do saltwater flies. We have them. Beadhead trout nymphs are no problem either we have both standard beadheads and tungsten beads for your beadhead flies. In coneheads we have both standard coneheads and tungsten coneheads too for all of your conehead streamer fly needs.

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