Hareline Eyes Pseudo Eyes

Part Number: HPE

Nickel w/ Red Eye
Nickel w/ White Eye
Nickel w/ Yellow Eye
Extra Large

Pseudo Eyes from Hareline Dubbin' are alloy fly tying eyes that add weight and jigging action to your flies. we love tying bonefish flies with Pseudo Eyes when we need a little less weight in our bonefish flies. Pseudo Eyes work well on streamer flies like Bob Clouser's Clouser Minnow too. Our favorite color for smallmouth bass flies is the red pupil version.

12 per pack

Fly Tying Hooks

Customer Reviews for Hareline Eyes Pseudo Eyes

Excellent product!
- Jslocum11
Fly Fishers Response: Thanks. Glad you like them. It's one of my favorite products when I need a little less weight.

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