Ahrex NS122 Nordic Salt Light Stinger Fly Tying Hook

Part Number: NS122


Don't let the word salt in the name of the Ahrex Nordic Salt Light Stinger Fly Tying Hook fool you into thinking these hooks are only for the salt. These great wide gap hooks from Ahrex Fly Tying Hooks can be used anywhere you need a strong, super-sharp fly tying hook for tying everything from baitfish flies to shrimp and even deer hair bass bugs. These are great fly tying hooks for tying Clouser Minnows too. These Danish hooks have a beautiful black nickle finish and are chemically sharpened with a small barb.

Available in hook sizes 4 thru 10.

18 hooks per pack.

Checkout this video tying with the Ahrex Light Predator Hook.

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