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Trout Flies

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Parachute Adams Purple PAPF $1.99
Hare Copper UHC $2.29
Beadhead Pheasant Tail PTAIL $1.99
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Crane Fly Larva Panfish Trout Nymph Fly
Crane Fly Larva CRANE $2.99
Cravens Charlie Boy Hoppy Trout Dry Fly
Craven's Charlie Boy Hopper CBOY $2.99
Cravens Dirty Hippie Streamer Trout Fly
Craven's Dirty Hippie HIPPIE $4.99
CZ Caddis Nymph
CZ Caddis Nymph CZCA $2.99
Czech Catnip Olive CCO $2.99
Damsel Nymph Trout Fly
Damsel Nymph DAMSN $2.99
Daves Hopper Trout Dry Fly
Dave's Hopper DVHP $2.99
Devil Jig Tungsten Red Nymph Fly
Devil Jig Tungsten Red DEVIL $2.99
Double Gonga Olive
Double Gonga $7.99
Dragon Carters Bass Trout Nymph Fly
Dragon Carter's CDRAG $2.99
Dragon Neally Trout Nymph
Dragon Neally's NDRAG $3.99
Duddles Steelhead Stone Nymph Fly
Duddles Steelhead Stone DUDD $3.99
Egan's GTI Caddis Olive EGTI $2.99
Egan's Tungsten Dart Red ETD $2.99
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph for Trout & Steelhead
Egg Sucking Western Stonefly Nymph EGGST $3.99
Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly for Trout
Elk Hair Caddis ECAD $1.99
Flash A Bugger
Flash A Bugger FAB $2.59
RIO Flashdance Fly Brown Trout
Flashdance Fly *NEW* FDNCE $4.99
Foam Caddis Dry Fly Trout
Foam Caddis FMCAD $2.59
Foam Sally Dry Trout Fly
Foam Sally FMSLY $2.99
French Dip Tungsten Nymph
French Dip Tungsten Nymph FDTN $2.59
Galloup's Peanut Envy KGPE $6.99
Galloup's Sex Dungeon KGSD $6.99
Galloups Zoo Cougar for sale online
Galloup's Zoo Cougar GZC $3.99
Goldbead Hare Nymph Trout Fly
Gold Bead Hare's Ear GBHE $1.99
Gold Bead Rubber Leg Crystal Bugger Streamer Fly
Gold Bead Rubber Leg Crystal Bugger GBRLB $2.59
Gold Bead Rubber Leg Wooly Bugger
Gold Bead Rubber Leg Wooly Bugger GBRLW $2.99
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph Panfish & Trout Fly
Gold Bead Squirrel Nymph GBSQN $2.29
Graham Ripple Minnow Pearl
Graham's Ripple Minnow *NEW* GRRIPM $4.99
Green Paradrake Dry Trout Fly
Green Paradrake GPD $2.99
Griffiths Gnat Dry Trout Fly
Griffith's Gnat GNAT $1.99
Gummy Minnow GUMM $4.99
Hansens Harasser Streamer Fly Olive
Hansen's Harasser HARSR $3.99
Hansens Meal Ticket Streamer Fly
Hansen's Meal Ticket MEAL $4.99
Hare Copper Fly Pheasant Tail Nymph Trout
Hare Copper UHC $2.29
Haslams Death Midge trout fly
Haslam's Death Midge HDM $2.99
HDA Fav Variant Jigged Nymph Trout Fly
HDA Fav Variant (Jigged) HDAF $2.99
He Man Tungsten Nymph
He Man Tungsten Nymph HMTN $2.59
heavy hitter streamer fly
Heavy Hitter HHRF $4.99
Hendrickson Dark Dry Fly for Trout Fly Fishing
Hendrickson Dark DHEN $1.99

Shop the web's finest trout fly fishing flies inventory.

Fly Fishing for trout drives the fly fishing business world. Browse our selection of flies for trout and contact us for any suggestions on picking out flies for your next trip.

We know what trout flies to use - and where and when to use them.

We've fished trout all over the place, from the Madison River in Montana (some of us in the shop have even guided it), to the Missouri River, up to the Yellowstone River in Montana. Whether it is the Driftless area trout streams of Wisconsin or the trout streams of Colorado and Michigan, chances are one of us has fished there—and we have the trout flies to help you bring in a nice catch.

Please contact the shop for any help choosing trout flies for your next fishing trip.
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Shop trout flies for all seasons - early season, late season, fall, spring, summer and even winter.

Buy the best trout fly patterns & lures for year-round fly fishing:

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We've got the best & most popular trout flies in stock.

Your trout fly fishing fly collection isn't complete until you've picked up some of the best trout flies ever tied, including:

Check out our list of our 10 best flies for trout in stock at our shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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