Pat Ehlers' Crazi Craw

Part Number: CRAZI

Rusty Orange

The Crazi Craw a Signature Series Fly from Pat Ehlers and Rainy Flies was developed with the help of The Fly Fishers old friend Matt Panosh. This impressionistic crayfish fly works very well fly fishing for river smallmouth bass and fly fishing for steelhead. It also works well fly fishing in bass lakes with crayfish populations. Ehlers' Crazi Craw makes a great trout fly.

Ehlers' Crazi-Craw fly is part of our Signature bass fly assortment. Pick up our full discounted collection to add some of the best bass fly patterns in the world to your tackle box.

Ehlers' Crazi Craw fly tying video and fly pattern recipe

Buy the Ehlers' Crazi Craw online or buy the materials to start tying it yourself. The Ehlers' Crazi Craw is an effective craw pattern. Watch the master, Pat Ehlers, walk you through the fly tying process.

Video: How to tie the Ehlers' Crazi Craw pattern: step-by-step

Ehlers' Crazi Craw Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook Gamakatsu B10S The B10S is one of our favorite hooks, perfect for hooking bigger fish, and ideal for the Crazi Craw. We recommend the B10S in Size 4, but you can use a 2 if you want a bigger fly.
Thread 6/0 Uni Thread 6/0 Uni Thread in red or black is the prefect choice
Eyes Pseudo Eyes We recommend the medium size in nickel with red eyes. These will help give the Crazi Craw weight.
Flash Krinkle Mirror Flash Use the Root Beer color when tying the Crazi Craw.
Tail Micro Pine Squirrel Zonkers Use the Crawdad Orange color when tying the Crazi Craw.
Body 1) UV Polar Chenille
2) Barred Round Rubber Legs
One of Pat's Picks, UV Polar Chenille from Hareline Dubbin is great for the Crazi Craw and a variety of different fly recipes. Use the Rusty Copper color. Choose brown for the round rubber legs.
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The Crazi Craw is part of our 10 Best Flies For Smallmouth Bass collection.


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