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Surface Bass Flies for Sale Online

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Mason's Meat Market MMMF $6.99
Femme Fatale FEMM $5.99
Pat Ehlers' Articulated Diver ARTDV $6.99
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Slider Bugger Fly Black
Slider Bugger Fly NEW SLIBUG $4.99
Soft Chew Fishing Fly
Soft Chew NEW SCHEW $2.99
Spook-R Black
Spook-R SPOOKR $8.99
Statons Threesome
Staton's Threesome STTS $6.99
Sunfish Pat Ehlers
Sunfish Pat Ehlers' PESF $5.99
Surface Seducer Popper Buy Online
Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug Popper DBLBAR $4.99
Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug Popper Assortment
Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug Popper Assortment SSDBBA $21.95
Howitzer Articulated Baitfish Popper
Surface Seducer® Howitzer Articulated Baitfish Popper HOWIT $6.99
Techno Wog Fly For Sale Online
Techno Wog TECWOG $3.99
Todds Wiggle Minnow Bass Fly
Todd's Wiggle Minnow WIGMIN $5.99
Trick Or Treat Pike/Muskie Fly
Trick Or Treat Pike/Muskie Fly TOTF $9.99
Umpqua Bass Popper
Umpqua Bass Popper BASSPOP $5.99
Umpqua Pike Fly Red
Umpqua Pike Fly PIKE $10.99
Umpqua Swimming Baitfish Pike Musky Bass Fly
Umpqua Swimming Baitfish SBAIT $8.99
Umpqua Swimming Frog Bass Fly
Umpqua Swimming Frog SWIM $8.99
Whitlocks Nuevo Spidare
Whitlock's Nuevo Spidare WNSF $3.99
whitlock ul air jet bass popper
Whitlock's UL Air Jet Popper WULAJ $5.99
Whitlock's Waking Shad WWSHD $5.99
Whitlock's Waking Sunfish WWSUN $5.99

Surface Bass Flies for Sale Online

Umpqua Swimming Frog fly Try an Umpqua Swimming Frog for fly fishing largemouth bass.

Bass fishing with surface flies is generally everyone’s favorite way to catch bass on a fly. Small and largemouth bass can be indiscriminate in their diet choices, and often react when a large surface fly hits the surface of the water. We will often wait for the ripples to die down after casting and then with your rod tip low, tease bass with aggressive strips, popping, diving and sliding your fly across the surface of the water.

Large and smallmouth bass will hit on many different surface flies. Try different colors and retrieve cadences until you find the combination that works.

Surface Flies for Smallmouth Bass

Poppers are a very popular choice for surface fishing smallmouth (and largemouth) bass. They make noise in the water, and many smallmouth will attack poppers twitched across the surface of the water. You can’t go wrong with an Umpqua Bass Popper for topwater bass fishing.

Slider flies don’t make as much commotion, but sliding flies such as Murray’s Shenandoah Slider can be irresistible for smallmouth bass that are a bit more neutral towards a surface fly.

Surface Flies for Largemouth BassContact bass fly fishing experts

When largemouth bass are roaming shallow water in the morning or evening, casting a large popper is usually a great bet. Aggressive largemouth bass are attracted to the noise and commotion of a popper especially in lowlight conditions.

Frogs are a big part of a largemouth’s diet—try out the Umpqua Swimming Frog as a topwater fly. Fished around weeds, pads, docks and even in open water the largemouth bass often crush this fly.

Don’t be shy about casting mouse imitation fly like our Mouserat fly. Largemouth bass love mice and other small rodents. Don’t fish it like a popper—do your best to imitate a mouse swimming across the surface at a slow, steady pace.

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