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Schmidterbug Bass Fly Frog Color
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Product Number: SCHBUG
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Brian Schmidt's Schimdterbug is an awesome top water bass fly from Umpqua.  This fly pattern is the fly rod version of the classic and super effective Jitterbug lure.  o  The slow, alluring wobble of the head really makes the legs and marabou tail swim - ideal for attracting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and pike.  The hook on the Schmidterbug rides up, fantastic for fishing in and around weeds.  One tip with the Schmidterbug is, you need to strip it very slowly. If you strip the fly too fast it will not swim properly.  Super cool bass fly!

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A fly that imitates the venerable Jitterbug? It's absolutely on our 10 Best Flies for Largemouth Bass list. Just strip it slow!

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