TMC 100 Hooks

Part Number: TMC100


The TMC 100 from Tiemco is a hook that works great on dry flies, especially small sizes. While having a down eye the wide gap allows for a more effective hook gap. This hook is a perfect hook for all of your dry trout flies and will work really well on small patterns like Blue Wing Olives and parachute dry flies. Straight eye, 1X Fine, Wide gape, Forged, Bronze. 25 pack

Just what I needed. Living in Alaska, I usually can’t find what I need. I’ll be back for sure!!!
- Tom
best hook out there
- Gary Halpin
I'm an avid tailwater fisherman, who loves midge fishing. I've been addicted to TMC products since the old TMC 518 midge hooks (not available any more) While the gap of the TMC 100 is slightly smaller than the old 518, the wire is stronger than the extra fine 518's - that used to bend with large fish. TMC 100's are a great product, especially for those tiny hatches that we all love, e.g. tricos and pseudocleons.
- Bill

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