Daiichi 1280 Dry Fly Hook

Part Number: DAI1280


If you are looking for a good hook to tie hopper flies, cricket flies or any other dry flies requiring a longer hook shank this hook is a great choice. Kaufmann’s Stimulator is another fly we would choose this hook for. Daiichi 1280 2X-Long Dry Fly Hook.

25 pack

Out of stock? Check out the Core C1280 hooks here for the same hook specs.

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Customer Reviews for Daiichi 1280 Dry Fly Hook

This is a great hook for large Mayfly dry flies. The extra length allows a longer fly to be tied without crowding the hook eye. Highly recommended for this application!
- darrelln09
Fly Fishers Response: Thank you. You're right on with your comments about this great hook.

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