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Synthetic Fly Tying Materials for Sale Online

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Fly Tying Angel Hair
Angel Hair AHLL $3.25
Fishient Angel Silk
Angel Silk ASILK $5.95
Big Fly Fiber
Big Fly Fiber HBFF $5.75
Big Fly Fiber - Color Blends
Big Fly Fiber - Color Blends HBFC $7.50
Fishient Brush N Wing Fiber
Brush N Wing Fiber HBNW $4.99
CCT Wing Fibers
CCT Wing Fibers CCWF $2.95
Chocklett's Filler Flash CFF $5.40
Chocklett's Game Changer Chenille CGC $4.35
Cohen's Fly Suede HCFS $6.75
Crystal Flesh
Crystal Flesh CRYFL $7.50
Crystal Tail 6"
Crystal Tail 6" CCTCT6 $6.95
Cascade Crest Crystal Tails
Crystal Tail 9" CCTCT $6.95
Fishient Deadly Dazzle
Deadly Dazzle HDLD $5.95
Enrico Puglisi Anadromous Brush
EP Anadromous Brush NEW COLORS HEAB $9.40
EP Craft Fur Brush
EP Craft Fur Brush ECFB $9.50
EP Fibers
EP Fibers HEF $8.10
EP Fibers 3D
EP Fibers 3D HE3D $8.10
EP Foxy Brush
EP Foxy Brush HEPF $10.75
EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes 1.5" Wide
EP Senyo's Chromatic Brushes 1.5" Wide HEPS1 $11.55
EP Shrimp Dub Brush
EP Shrimp Dub Brush 2" HEPSB $9.40
EP Sommerlatte
EP Sommerlatte's Grizzly Foxy Brush 3" HESGB $10.75
EP Sparkle
EP Sparkle EPSPARKLE $5.50
EP Sparkle Brush
EP Sparkle Brush HESB $9.40
EP Trigger Point
EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers EPTP $9.40
EP Wooly Critter Brush
EP Wooly Critter Brush HEWC $9.40
Finesse Fiber fly tying
Finesse Fiber FFBR $4.25
Fishient Streamer Brush
Fishient Streamer Brush 2" $6.95
Flash Blend Baitfish Brush 2"
Flash Blend Baitfish Brush 2" FBBB2 $6.95
Flash Blend Baitfish Brush 5"
Flash Blend Baitfish Brush 5" FBBB5 $6.95
Saltwater Flashabou
Flashabou Saltwater HSWF $5.15
flex floss fly tying
Flex Floss FLXF $3.25
Fly Skinz Fish Finz
Fly Skinz Fish Finz FSFF $5.95
 Flymen Faux Bucktail
Flymen Faux Bucktail FBUC $6.65
Flymen Frantic Tails
Flymen Frantic Tails HFFT $3.30
Ghost Hair w/Flash Fly Tying Material
Ghost Hair w/Flash GHWF $3.50
Hareline Antron Yarn
Hareline Antron Yarn HAY $2.35
Baitfish Emulator Flash
Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash HBEF $5.95
Hareline Daddy Long Legs
Hareline Daddy Long Legs HDD $4.35
Hareline Edge Bright HEB $2.95
Hareline Egg Veil Milky White
Hareline Egg Veil Milky White HEV $2.50

For anyone new to fly fishing, it’s almost hard to imagine that 20 years ago fly fishermen were relying on seal fur, Arctic Fox tail hair and calf tails to make flies. Besides the difficulty of sourcing fly tying materials from birds and animals today, environmentalists would have your hide for doing so.

Fortunately, though, we now have a mind-boggling array of synthetic materials to work with. The makers of these products have gone to great lengths evaluating dyes, colors and the reflective qualities of synthetic materials, and the results are phenomenal. Whether you’re tying 10” long muskie flies or small streamers for trout fishing, The Fly Fisherman has everything you need.

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