Hareline Pearl Cactus Hackle

Part Number: HPCH

Extra Large

Pearl Cactus Hackle is a Hareline Dubbin product that has many uses in both fresh and saltwater fly patterns. It has longer fibers than standard Cactus Chenille and is a fly tying material that wraps like a hackle but sparkles and reflects light. It makes a good body for large flies for many warmwater species like smallmouth and largemouth bass as well as steelhead and salmon flies for the Great Lakes tributary fish.

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Customer Reviews for Hareline Pearl Cactus Hackle

I'm using it for some Calcasieu Pig Boats, crayfish patterns and some streamers
- JerryC
Fly Fishers Response: Jerry, thanks. The Calcasiey Pig Boat caught my eye. That's some old school bass fly tying from the great old book from Tom Nixon. I still refer to that book and I've had it for over 40 years. Pat

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