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Hareline Saddle Hackle for Wooly Buggers
Hareline Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle 6-7" HSHW $7.40
Hungarian Partridge Skin
Hungarian Partridge Skin Natural Grade #1 HPS1 $46.60
Keough Grizzly Saddles
Keough Grizzly Saddles KEOUGH242 $45.95
Keough Half Grizzly Saddles Grade #1 KHGS1 $39.95
Keough/Hareline Half Grizzly Saddle
Keough/Hareline Half Grizzly Saddle HGSK $32.80
Mega Quail Skin
Mega Quail Skin HMQS $29.95
Metz Magnum Neck #2
Metz Magnum Neck #2 MMN2 $34.95
Metz Magnum Saddle Hackle #2
Metz Magnum Saddle Hackle #2 BACKORDERED MMS2 $42.99
MFC Barred Schlappen Feathers
MFC Barred Schlappen Feathers MFCBSF $6.25
Dry Fly Tailing Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Dry Fly Tailing NSDFT $2.50
Emu Feathers
Natures Spirit Emu Feathers NSE $2.50
Grizzly Collaring Hackle Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Grizzly Collaring Hackle NSCH $3.75
Mallard Sides Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Mallard Sides NSMS $2.50
Marabou Grizzly
Natures Spirit Marabou Grizzly NSMG $2.50
Pintail Flanks Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Pintail Flanks NSPF $2.95
Spey Hackle Natures Spirit
Natures Spirit Spey Hackle NSSH $4.15
Polish Quills CDC Feathers
Polish Quills CDC Feathers PQCDC $6.50
Tyers 4 Color Starter Cape Se
Tyers 4 Color Starter Cape Set NEW K4SET $39.95
Dry Fly Rooster Necks
Wapsi Dry Fly Rooster Necks WRN $12.95
Wapsi Duck Quills WDQ $1.95
Wapsi Streamer Rooster Necks
Wapsi Streamer Rooster Necks WSRN $16.25
Whiting 100 Packs
Whiting 100 Packs WHIT100 $19.95

We have a large variety of feathers for your fly tying needs. From marabou for Wooly Buggers to large prime saltwater flies.

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