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Whether you’re new to fly fishing or experienced, The Fly Fishers Fly Shop has everything to get you started or keep you going. We love fly fishing, and only stock fly fishing gear we use and that meets our standards of quality. If you have questions on any of the products we carry, let us know. We’ll give you our honest opinion and let you know what you need for the fishing you plan on doing.

We feature competitive pricing with our products and operate our fly shop just a few minutes west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, too. If you’re local or in the area, stop by and check out the merchandise in person. We’ll be happy to help you in person and get you pointed in the right direction if you're looking for a place to fish around here.

Fly Rods and Fly Reels

Whether you fish small creeks or big water, The Fly Fishers has a rod and reel for every type of fishing. From affordably priced Redington fly rods to high-end G. Loomis fly rods, we cover a wide range of price points. Our selection of reels is equally diverse—from the budget-priced Echo fly reels and Redington fly reels to state-of-the-art Tibor fly reels and Abel fly reels. If you’re just getting started, or looking to introduce a youngster  to the sport, our fly fishing outfits are a great way to start.

Fly Fishing Flies

It takes someone totally obsessed with fly fishing to assemble an inventory of flies like we have.  Panfish flies, pike and muskie flies, steelhead and salmon flies, trout flies, carp flies, flies for saltwater fishing, flies for freshwater fishing—you name it, we have it and more importantly, we fish for it so we can help you.

But wait—what if you’re into tying your own flies? You’re in the right place. We’ve got your dubbing, eyes, beads, feathers, furs & hairs, thread, tinsels, glues, fly tying tools and everything else you need to land whatever trophy fish you're chasing.

Fly Fishing Apparel and Accessories

If you’re into fly fishing, you’ll be exposed to all kinds of weather and conditions. Start here at The Fly Fishers shop for pro tested and approved gear. Waders, boots, jackets, fishing shirts, shorts and pants, rain gear, hats, gloves, socks—if it’s anything you need for fly fishing, we’ve got it. And we’ve got it at prices competitive with other online shops.

Why not buy your fishing gear at a big box store?

Nothing wrong with box stores, but if you’re really into fly fishing you’ll find your local box store is sorely lacking in the type of equipment and gear you need to excel and especially experience and help. Our items aren't catalog numbers, they are what use for not only fun but our way of making a living. 

Start shopping by checking out our world-class selection of fly tying materials.

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