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Streamers are larger flies designed to imitate crayfish, baitfish, leeches, and aquatic insects—all of which trout love. If you live to catch large trout, streamers are one of your best options.

Streamer fly fishing is a power fishing game. Anglers are constantly swimming the streamer and adding action to it to attract strikes. One of the great things about fishing streamers is the take. There is generally nothing subtle about the take and no wondering about whether a fish ate your fly or not.

More streamers are variations of the Woolly Bugger and Sculpins (trout just can’t seem to get enough of these). The great thing about streamers is you don’t have to be too scientific about which lure to use. Trout often eat a streamer as a reactionary strike and large trout are usually looking for a bigger dinner than smaller fish making streamers a great choice for larger fish. 

Prepare yourself with a variety of streamer flies for all sorts of trout.

We like to carry a variety of colors, styles and weights of streamers on the water to cover any situation we come across.

If you'd like to get into more detail with a pro recommendation on streamers for your kind of fishing, give us a call at 414-259-8100 and we’ll tell you about some of our favorites.

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