RIO Powerflex Trout Knotless Leader

Part Number: 6-246

0X - 15 lb.
1X - 13 lb.
2X - 10 lb.
3X - 8.2 lb.
4X - 6.4 lb.
5X - 5.0 lb.
6X - 3.4 lb.
7X - 2.4 lb.

Each RIO Powerflex knotless tapered fly fishing leader is designed for superb abrasion-resistance as well as high knot and tensile strength for staying attached to the big fish you hook while fly fishing trout. The long, thick butt design provides smooth turnover while the supple tippet gives your fly fishing flies life-like presentation. The light gray color is the most neutral and integrates visually with any background for perfect camouflage. All Trout fly fishing leaders have a perfection loop on the butt for easy connection to your fly fishing line.


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