Maxima Leader/Tippet Chameleon

Part Number: MLC

8# .010
10# .012
12# .013
15# .015
20# .017
25# .020
30# .022
40# .024

Maxima Leader Material is a great product for either using as fly fishing tippets or for building fly fishing leaders with. It also is useful in adding permanent butt sections to your fly line with. We also like to build leaders for fly fishing for bass, salmon, steelhead and saltwater fly leaders.

The Chameleon Maxima is a stiff leader material with an added brown infrared dye that is sensitive to blend with its surroundings.


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Customer Reviews for Maxima Leader/Tippet Chameleon

Great for building leaders. Good quality. Holds up well. Using this leader material for Euro nymph leaders.
- Don
Use this for leaders in the Wisconsin R,uniform ,predictable performance
- Gary Halpin

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