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Foam Popper Heads

Foam Popper Heads
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4.5(2 reviews)
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Bass Pops are pre-shaped surface poppers with a flat under belly. Use these to tie quick and easy bass and panfish poppers. Here at The Fly Fishers we love chasing smallmouth bass on some of our favorite waters. Whether we are looking for largemouth or smallmouth bass these Foam Popper Heads make great bass poppers. We also use them to tie some great saltwater poppers too. They work great on snook and baby tarpon.

To tie up some poppers simply tie on some tail material and wrap the front portion of the hook shank with fly tying thread. Coat the fly tying thread with super glue like Zap-A-Gap. Insert the hook through the pre-drilled hole in the Bass Pop and in a few seconds the foam will bond to the glue giving you a finished popper.

Checkout the Fly Tying Glues & Adhesives to help tying your bass poppers.

8 per pack


Thomas Friedrichs
Quality was good, but even at XS, they are just a bit large for bluegill, one size smaller yet would be perfect. The rest of the order was what I expected, and fulfilled without issue. You guys have always been genuinely nice and informative to me when I visit the shop, which is not often enough as I am an hour+ away. Hope everything is going well !
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