RIO Steelhead/Salmon Tippet 3-Pack

Part Number: RSST3

10lb, 12lb, 16lb

The RIO Steelhead/Salmon Tippet 3-Pack includes 3 spools of tippet, a 10lb, 12lb and 16lb. The three spools of tippet come in a clear, reusable plastic cup.  Save money by buying the RIO Steelhead/Salmon Tippet 3-Pack instead of the individual RIO Steelhead/Salmon Tippet spools.

RIO Steelhead/Salmon Tippet material is a glacial green tippet that is great for, of course, steelhead and salmon fly fishing as well as fly fishing for bass.  This is a medium stiff tippet material with high abrasion that works well for the conditions steelhead, salmon and bass fishing.  This fly fishing tippet works nicely with RIO Steelhead/Salmon leaders and Bass leaders.

30 yds per spool.

Ideal For:

  • Steelhead
  • Streamers
  • Spey

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