Hatch Nomad 2 Pliers

Part Number: NOMAD2


Hatch Nomad 2 Pliers

Hatch Nomad Pliers 2 are an exceptional piece of fishing gear that are incredibly high-quality. This is a new design from the original Nomad Pliers Hatch Nomad Pliers are CNC machined pliers that are made from 6061T6 aluminum just like their Hatch Reels are. They now feature a side-cutter for easier cutting.

There's also a new "Misted" finish adds texture to the pliers making them less slippery when they are wet.

These pliers are protected with Type II anodizing. The cutters are made from Tungsten Carbide and will cleanly cut a number of different types of lines. We have used these on mono and fluorocarbon up to #100, knot-able wire up to #50 and maybe the toughest line to cut cleanly, braided line. Straight up these are as good a pair of fishing pliers we have ever used. Whether you want to use them as a saltwater fishing pliers or for freshwater the Hatch Pliers won't let you down.

-Side positioned tungsten carbide cutters for reliable cuts through all fishing line.
-Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and type II anodized for fresh and saltwater use.
-Replaceable stainless steel jaws with gripping grooves on tips for easy knot tag grip.
-Misted finish provides extra texture - great when in wet hands.
-Custom Hatch bungee and black leather sheath included!

Pliers have designed gap at the jaws. Typical gap is .015". Line thickness diameter available on most manufacturer's websites.

Black Sheath:

Belt Loop Dimensions best suit a 1.25-1.5" wide belt

Nomad pliers come with a custom Hatch bungee lanyard and a black leather sheath which fits on most wader belts.

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