Scientific Anglers Absolute Predator 7x7 Knottable Wire

Part Number: SAABSO7X7


SA Absolute Predator 7x7 Knottable Wire

This knottable fly fishing wire from Scientific Anglers is fantastic for fly fishing toothy species like pike, muskies and saltwater species.  The 7x7 strand construction allows for easy tying with standard knots while also allowing natural movement of your flies unlike stiff wires.  One of our top choices in fishing tippet wire materials for building musky leaders (or other toothy fish). 

  •  7×7 stainless steel construction limits stiffness for exceptional knot stability and natural fly movement
  •  Nylon coating locks in knots and protects wire from abrasion
  •  Can be used with most common fishing knots
  •  Camo brown color reduces flash and visibility under water
  • Available in 25lb and 40lb sizes in 25ft spools

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