Rite Magnum Bobbin

Part Number: RB4


 Rite Magnum Bobbin

The Rite Magnum Bobbin is a good choice if you need a longer bobbin to make tying on larger and longer hooks easier. Large pike and muskie flies or large saltwater flies are what we are talking about here. The longer tube on the Rite Magnum Bobbin also gives you more leverage when pulling down hard on super-strong threads like gel spun (GSP) or Uni-Big Fly.

We are also hearing that some rod builders use this bobbin, and that it accommodates some of the most popular rod-building threads like Gudebrod and Dynacord.


  • Heavy duty! Designed for big fly tying applications.

  • Extra long, 5" fly tying bobbin for leverage and big hooks

  • Large diameter thread tube, accommodates threads as large as medium chenille

  • Becoming popular as a rod-winding tool. Accommodates Guidebrod rod thread and Dynacord.

  • Heavy duty click drag system, 2-16 ounces of thread tension

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