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Umpqua UC625BL-BN Barbless Shrimp/Caddis Hooks

Part Number: UC625BL-BN


Umpqua U-Series Competition fly tying hooks deliver high quality and value in hooks designed for modern specialized fly styles. High carbon steel, large hook gapes for fantastic hooking, black nickel finish for stealth and barbless, chemically sharpened points for better hookups and fish protection.
Umpqua UC625BL-BN fly tying hooks are barbless, curved, 1X fine wire hooks that are perfect for fly tying caddis flies or tying freshwater shrimp flies.
  • Barbless
  • Curved
  • 3X Gape
  • 1X Fine
  • 1X Short
  • Straight Eye
  • Black Nickel

50 pack

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