RIO Elite Bonefish Fly Line

Part Number: 6-1934

Sand / Orange / Blue
Yellow / Black / Aqua

RIO Elite Bonefish Fly Line

The best choice for targeting bonefish when saltwater fly fishing - low stretch and unbelievably slick.

  • Front-weighted to quickly load a fly rod for minimum false casting
  • Long head, and back taper for maximum casting versatility
  • Low stretch “DirectCore” for hard, solid strip sets
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating
  • SureFire tricolored measuring system for increased accuracy and distance control

NEW RIO SlickCast Coating:  The slickest, most durable fly line coating RIO has ever created and one of the best available on any saltwater fly lines.  

Made with the slickest coating RIO has ever created, SlickCast, this is the choice in fly lines for bonefish.  Offering the best of performance and finesse on the saltwater flats, the Elite Bonefish Fly Line from RIO is a home run. This line features a long head and rear taper to smooth out your casting loop. It also helps add distance to your cast as well as providing awesome turnover but with a great presentation of standard bonefish flies. Sounds like the best of everything in a bonefish fly line. The DirectCore Bonefish has a low-memory DirectCore that stretches out easily and will lay out perfectly straight on the water. The core still has the correct stiffness to handle hot conditions. The line also features a high-floating coating making this a great wading line.

The new yellow/black/aqua color is a very cool ode to the Bahamian flag, home of some of the best and most iconic bonefish locations on the planet.

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