Lamson Litespeed F Fly Reel



Lamson Litespeed F Fly Reel

The next evolution of the incredibly popular, acclaimed and well-fished line of Litespeed fly reels from Lamson. The 6th generation of Litespeed - the Lamson Litespeed F - raises the bar yet again through new materials, reel making processes and ideas.

Lamson has always believed that the retrieve rate per ounce is the performance benchmark of a fly reel.  The only downside to high retrieve rates is extra weight in a fly reel, and the new CNC machined design in the Litespeed F achieves new levels in this fantastically light family of ultra large arbor fly reels.  Light enough you might forget it's there but beautiful enough to make you remember it is.

  • Ultra large arbor design for high retrieval rates.
  • Lightest yet largest diameter Litespeed to date.
  • Space frame construction provides exceptional strength to weight ratio.
  • Re-engineered seals enhance reliability and waterproofing.
  • Indexing click drag knob.
  • Machined and made in the USA.
Size Diameter Width Weight Line Capacity
-3+ 3.50" 0.90" 3.1 oz. 2,3,4 WF4 + 75yds #20
-5+ 3.75" 1.00" 3.6 oz. 4,5,6 WF6 + 125yds #20
-7+ 4.00" 1.00" 4.5 oz. 6,7,8 WF8 + 180yds #20

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