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Rainy's Frog Popper Bodies

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Lots of gamefish eat frogs. Rainy's Frog Popper Bodies are an easy way to tie frog patterns. These foam bodies are pre-shaped and won't absorb water and sink. To tie up great frog poppers with these bodies simply tie on your tail materials, wrap your tying thread all the way to the hook eye and tie off. Coat the thread with a super glue, my favorite is Loctite Time Control Super Glue, push the foam body over the shank and in a very short time the body will lock on to the thread. Add silicone legs easily by poking them through the foam with one of Zuddy's Leg Pullers. The Gamakatsu B10s and Ahrex NS122 are 2 of my favorite hooks for these popper bodies. 

Don't be afraid to turn the bodies around and create some cooler sliders too.

3 sizes available, 3 per pack.

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