Solarez UV Fly Tying Resin Glow In The Dark Formula

Part Number: REZGLO

2 oz.
4 oz.

Solarez also comes in 4 different formulas for all of your fly tying resin needs. Solarez has a ton of applications from sealing eyes on your streamer heads to laying shellbacks on scud patterns or wing cases on nymphs like Copper Johns. 

Solarez comes in Thin-Hard for coatings on large head thread wraps, poppers and anywhere you want the resin to coat and soak into the materials or thread.

                         Thick-Hard is a very viscous formula when you you want to build up heads or bodies. The viscous formula is easier to work with and shape before                               hitting with the UV light.

                         FLEX will give you a flexible finish for use with things like soft popper bodies to give a nice finish or to seal in paint and markings on a flexible body.                               This formula also can be used to smooth out knots on leaders and line to help going through the guides. FLEX is also a viscous formula so it is easy to                           work with.

                         GLOW IN THE DARK is a viscous formula that can be charged with a light to glow in the dark. Put a spot on Hex flies to help see them at night or                               use on poppers and streamers for night fishing.

Solarez Glow In The Dark is only available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles.

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