Flymen Tarpon Changer Fly SALE

Part Number: GC-TF
$10.95 (Reg. $15.95)


It's Tarpon time!

The Tarpon Changer is a game changer fly optimized for hooking and landing Tarpon and other game fish species. 

This highly articulated fly is comprised of 6 segments, each moving independently of each other to give the fly a natural, enticing swimming action. Tied using the latest Next Generation Shanks (NGS) there has never been a tarpon pattern with this much built in movement. A huge trigger for tarpon and many other target species!

The fly is tied on proven Gamakatsu SL12S hooks and available in the popular tarpon fly colors i.e. White, Black and Chartreuse

Size 2/0  Fly length 4" (10cm)


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