Umpqua UPG Foam Dual Essential Fly Box

Part Number: 30088


A double-sided version of the ever-popular Essential model, this large, slim foam box will help you maximize capacity of your standard nymphs and dry flies.

For anglers who want to have every variation of every size of their favorite flies the Umpqua Double Essential Large Fly Box offers maximum organization and maximum capacity.

A workhorse of a fly box in a slim package that securely holds all your favorite dries and nymphs from sz 22-8.

7.25" x 4" x 0.9" - 4.25oz

New Fly Storage Design - Fly Trap

• Offset storage without head/tail overlap
• Angled Entry points for easy load and unload
• Deep Gutters to protect fully hackled flies
• Maximize capacity and organization

New Foam

• Power Grip Foam–Improved Hold
• Quick Loading
• Lightweight–25% Lighter than silicone counterparts

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