Flymen The Complete Seychelles Fly Assortment

Part Number: ASST-SEY-50


Take the right flies! Eliminate the guesswork and make it easy to prepare for your trip.  The Flymen Complete Seychelles Fly Assortment is a comprehensive selection of every fly needed for a successful trip to the Seychelles Islands (Alphonse/Cosmo/Astove/Farquhar) or any tropical saltwater fly fishing destination.

Tied by FlyzInc, these are the actual flies designed by and tied for by the all the guides and lodges in the Seychelles Islands.

The assortment contains 54 flies (27 total patterns x Qty 2)

Includes all the flies needed to target the following species: GT's (Giant Trevally), Permit, Triggerfish, Bonefish and various offshore species such as Sailfish.

GT Flies: Hannibal GT Saddle Brush Fly in Red/Black - 6/0 (x2), Olive/Black - 6/0 (x2), Purple/Black - 6/0 (x2), Tan - 6/0 (x2), Red/White - 6/0 (x2), Double Barrel Popper Black/Purple (x2), Double Barrel Tan (x2) & Tan/White Clouser - 6/0 (x2)

Permit/Triggerfish Flies: Alphexo Crab Clear/White Leg - #2 (x2), Clear/Tan Leg - #2 (x2), Tan/Tan Leg - #2 (x2), Orange/Orange Leg - #2 (x2), Micro Crab Clear - #8 (x2) & Micro Tan - #8 (x2).

Bonefish Flies: Pillow Talk Tungsten Bead - #6 (x2), Pillow Talk Bead Chain - #6 (x2), Golden Knight Tungsten Bead - #6 (x2), Golden Knight Bead Chain - #6 (x2), Christmas Island Special Tungsten Bead - #6 (x2), Christmas Island Bead Chain - #6 (x2), Gotcha Tungsten Bead - #6 (x2) & Gotcha Bead Chain - #6 (x2).

Milkfish Flies: Milky Dream Plankton Spot - #2 (x2) & Milky Dream Orange Tungsten Bead Chain - #2 (x2).

Offshore Flies: Mega Clouser - 6/0 (x2) & Sailfish Tube Fly Tandem Hook w/ Popping Head - 5/0 (x2).

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