Umpqua XC210BL-BN Perdigon Hooks

Part Number: XC210BL-BN



The all new Umpqua XC210 hook was designed specifically for tyers and anglers wanting a better hook for Perdigon style flies or for oversized bead flies. It features a downturned eye to roll the bead downwards to the eye, exposing more of the hook shank which gives oversized beaded flies more realistic proportions. The mega gap allows the hook point to find the fish regardless of what you tie onto the shank. 

The Umpqua XC210BL-BN hooks pair especially well with Umpqua's Jig Bomb beads, but also works with standard slotted or even a countersunk bead. 

- Barbless

- 1X Heavy

- 1X Short

- Wide Gape

- Extended De/Micro jig

- Forged Bend

- BN Finish

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