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Fishpond Tacky Pescador Fly Box Small NEW

Tacky Pescador Fly Box Small Both
Tacky Pescador Fly Box Small Both
Tacky Pescador Fly Box Small Burnt Orange
Tacky Pescador Fly Box Small Saltwater Flies
Tacky Pescador Fly Box Small Trout Flies
Tacky Pescador Fly Box Small Action
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Product Number:TPFB-S
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Tacky Pescador Fly Box in the new small size is a super sweet, pocket size version of their large boxes that'll keep trout flies, bonefish flies and more right at hand.

When it comes to waterproof, ultra-durable fly boxes for daily use you’re looking for something compact, but capable of adapting to changing conditions. Enter the perfect satellite box for your countless stacks of large, pattern-specific boxes at home. With the exact same features afforded to its larger counterparts, the Tacky Small Pescador Fly Box has quickly become a favorite for those anglers who need a solution for quick outings on your local lake or stream.

• 100% recycled plastic box
• Holds up to 182 flies
• Original patented silicone anchoring technology
• Withstands extreme temperature range
• Latchless waterproof closure
• Durable and tested for long-lasting strength
• Patented design
• 5” x 3.125” x 1”
• 100% recycled plastic box
• Flies not included

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