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Fishpond Tacky 3X5 Tacky Mat NEW

Tacky 3x5 Tacky Mat Flies
Tacky 3x5 Tacky Mat Flies
Tacky 3x5 Tacky Mat Empty
Tacky 3x5 Tacky Mat Back
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Tacky 3X5 Tacky Mat

Tacky 3X5 Fly Mats with patented silicone anchoring material are a clear upgrade over comparable foam fly patches and can be used with tons of different packs and accessories.  This Tacky fly patch has slits to accommodate up to 90 flies and will last longer and more securely hold flies than any foam based alternative.  The hook and loop, velcro style back allows this fly patch to be placed in a wide variety of places.  Flies shown not included.


  • Holds up to 90 flies
  • Original patented silicone anchoring technology
  • Withstands extreme temperature range
  • Durable and tested for long-lasting strength

Replacement Fly Pad For:

  • Summit Sling 2.0
  • Waterdance Pro Guide Pack
  • Canyon Creek Chest Pack
  • Sagebrush Pro Mesh Vest

Integrates Seamlessly With:

  • Cutbank Gear Bag
  • Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack
  • Flathead Sling
  • San Juan Chest Pack
  • Switchback Pro Wading System
  • Thunderhead Rod & Reel Cases
  • Other Velcro Pads
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