Rite Ceramic Magnum Bobbin

Part Number: RB3


Rite Ceramic Magnum Bobbin

The Rite Ceramic Magnum Bobbin is a great choice if you are tying larger flies, especially if these flies have long hook shanks. The Rite Ceramic Magnum Bobbin will give you additional length needed to make tying these flies easier. When tying larger flies we often use larger, tougher threads. The ceramic in the bobbin will wear longer and will offer a smoother feeding of your tying thread. This is an especially good bobbin for spinning large deer hair flies like bass bugs.


  • Stainless steel with zirconia ceramic insert

  • Surgical quality stainless steel.

  • Very high pressure click drag system

  • Heavy duty thread tension, 2-16 ounces thread tension

  • Perfect for longer hooks such as streamers

  • Excellent for spinning deer hair


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