Rite Ceramic Shorty Bobbin

Part Number: RB1


 Rite Ceramic Shorty Bobbin

If you tie a lot of small flies, the Rite Shorty Bobbin may be the right choice for you. While smaller in the hand the Shorty still features the same great thread tension adjustment as its other models. With a smaller bobbin barrel you can achieve better precision that smaller flies can require.

The Shorty also boasts the top-quality ceramic tube, to ensure smooth performance, and a removable vinyl grip.


  • Approximately 3/4" shorter than the "Rite" Standard

  • Great for tiny flies or smaller hands, but many tiers with large hands swear by this bobbin.

  • Zirconia Ceramic Thread Tube

  • Small Diameter Barrel

  • Removable Vinyl Grip

  • Solid Brass Arm

  • "Click" Drag Adjustment

  • 1-9 ounces of thread tension

  • Works great with spooled wire


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