Yakoda Tactical Tweezers



Yakoda Tactical Tweezers

Yakoda Tactical Tweezers keep the small bugs in your boxes from getting smashed or smashed out of frustration. Easily pick out tiny trout flies with these fly tweezers.  While these will work picking flies out of any box, Yakoda designed these fly tweezers to fit inside the Yakoda Fly Tins for easy storage transport.

  • Fit securely in the loop material inside the lid of the fly tin
  • Handle tiny flies with ease
  • Perfect for the fly tying bench
  • Engraved with the Yakoda logo on both sides of the handle
  • Made from surgical-grade stainless steel
  • 85 mm long
  • 0.5 mm tips with etched grippers
  • Weight: 0.2 oz.

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