Umpqua Dream Stream Plus 7 Piece Core Fly Tying Tool Kit

Part Number: 331


Umpqua Dream Stream Plus Fly Tying Tool Kit

This fly tying tool kit from Umpqua contains 7 high quality Dream Stream Plus fly tying tools kitted together to provide all of the essential tools you need for fly tying.  This fly tying tool set is a great choice for fly tying tools for beginners, fly tyers looking for a travel kit of tying tools or someone just looking for a refresh on their fly tying tools.  Includes the 7 tools listed below plus the hardshell storage and travel case.

  • Bobbin
  • Bodkin
  • Threader
  • Whip-finish tool
  • Hackle plier
  • 5” scissor 
  • Hair stacker 

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