Umpqua Perform X HD Bonefish Leader SALE

Part Number: PXHDNLD
$3.97 (Reg. $5.99)

10' - 8lb
10' - 10lb
10' - 12lb
10' - 16lb
12' - 12lb
12' - 16lb

Umpqua Perform X HD Bonefish Fly Leaders

Super combination of presentation, turnover power and abrasion resistance that's perfect for fly fishing one of the most popular flats species on the planet.  Umpqua Perform X HD Bonefish Leaders take Umpqua's heavy duty Perform X nylon material and tuned it into a sweet taper for fly fishing bonefish.  Available in two lengths, these bonefish fly leaders are offered in a standard 10' length as well as a longer 12' version for super spooky bones.

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