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Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leader NEW

Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Trout Fly Fishing Leader
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Product Number:DECXL
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Umpqua Deceiver X Fluoro Leaders

Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders are the go-to leaders from Umpqua for when stealth is key to a successful day on the water. The taper designs of these fluorocarbon fly fishing leaders are versatile and provide a sweet blend of stealth, power and delicacy. Fluorocarbon leaders are not only stealthy and abrasion resistant, they sink as well - great for getting nymphs and streamers down faster.

Forged Core | Increased density with same diameter. 10% stronger.
Coating 1 | Low memory for increased knot strength and seating.
Coating 2 | Hard surface treatment for incredible abrasion resistance.

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