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Hustler CDC Fly

Hustler CDC Tungsten Trout Fly Dark
Hustler CDC Tungsten Trout Fly Dark
Hustler CDC Tungsten Trout Fly Light
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Hustler CDC flies feature a jig style hook with a tear drop shaped tungsten bead to get down quickly to the feeding zone for more effective and efficient drifts.  The materials used in this tungsten trout nymph strike a sweet balance between natural and attractor for a versatile, effective trout nymph fly. 

From the designer:

"Definition-Aggressively enterprising, a go-getter...

This fly is the everyday, 365, don't leave home without it pattern. Tied light and dark, with a tear drop tungsten bead in the front, this fly gets down and stays down.

Tied sparse but buggy, with a UV rib on the underbody this fly strikes just the right balance of a naturalistic attractor. The CDC collar helps mimic air bubbles of an emerging insect.

Whether matching mayflies or caddis this pattern covers all bases."

- Umpqua Signature Tyer Josh Graffam

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